Wins/Losses incorrect on standing sheet

After entering the scores for the week, the Wins and Losses may appear to be incorrect on the Standing Sheet.  The most common cause of this problem is when teams were incorrectly added or deleted from the league.  However, there are a number of factors that can contribute to this problem such as rule changes, score changes, average changes and/or make-up bowling.  The problem may not manifest itself until later in the season when you have to go back to previous weeks to review information or make changes.


Under these circumstances, it is not recommended that you attempt to over-ride the wins and losses.  Instead, you should investigate why the point totals changed and when.  The following are suggestions and/or tools designed to assist with determining why the Wins/Losses appear to be incorrect and when the problem initially occurred.


When a team's Win/Loss total is not what is expected, it is very likely another team will have the corresponding wins/losses appearing to be incorrect. In this situation,  go to the week these two teams bowled each other. Going into the Enter/Correct current scores, you should be able to determine why the points are different from when the original standing sheet was printed.


When multiple teams appear to be incorrect, the issue becomes a little more complex.


When this occurs, it is suggested that you go to Weekly > Adjust Team Rosters. This screen will list Team and Bowler information as the data exists from the previous week. Therefore, you would compare Points Won/Lost to the standing sheet that was printed the previous week.  If these values appear to be incorrect, the problem arose earlier in the season.


At this point, go back week by week and check the Adjust Team Rosters screen against the respective standing sheets until the values match. Always keep in mind that data displayed on this screen are results based on the previous weeks bowling.

Once you have matching data between the Adjust Team Rosters screen and the previous week's standing sheet, you are in the week where the problem on the standing sheet originated.  Go into the Enter/Correct Current Scores screen to determine why the points won/lost changed with regards to what was originally printed.