Adding Obsolete USBC and Obsolete Youth Awards to Local Association Awards

To automatically add the USBC Awards, Obsolete Awards, Old USBC Youth Awards:
  1. Go to Setup, Awards, Local and Center awards.
  2. Click the Local Association tab, then click the Utilities menu.
  3. Select which awards you would like to add. Example: If you only want the Obsolete USBC awards, click that.If you also want the old USBC Youth awards, repeat the steps previously.
  4. Answer the any of the warning message accordingly.
  5. Once you have done this, verify in your league rules, in the Special Options tab, scroll down this window and make sure you have the Local Association Awards is set to Yes.
  6. When printing awards from Weekly > Awards earned this Week, click on the Local Assoc. awards tab. There are generic forms that can be printed.

Modifying an award

To modify an award, click the award group and select the award in the Awards in This Group list box.   The settings or name for this award can now be changed.

Removing an award

To remove an award, click the award group that the award belongs to and select the award in the Awards in This Group list box. Click Remove Award. The award will then be deleted from this group.