After installing program, when starting up a Runtime error 217 appears

If you received a Runtime error 217, this indicates that your computer does not have a default printer selected. Usually this can occur when getting a new computer. 
If you use a printer with the computer, make sure you have installed the software/drivers for the printer and designate that printer as Default from within Windows.
If you do not use a printer with this computer, then we recommend adding a printer driver from the list of printers that come with Windows and after the printer driver has installed, select NO to printing a test page. 
If you do have printer drivers listed in your list of printers, reselect a printer to be your default printer, in case Windows "forgot" which printer was designated as the default printer.
While it is not required to actually have a printer attached to the computer that the program is used with, a printer driver is necessary as part of the components used to generate and preview reports.