Mixed league - I don't want high score info separated by sex

Occasionally a league will want information, such as weekly and season high scores and league awards, displayed for all bowlers, not separated by sex.

Use the following procedure to list season high league scores that are not separated by sex:


1.Go to Defining Your League > Rules > What is this League?, indicate that you have Bowler Divisions

2.Go to the Divisions section and setup Bowler Divisions to have 2 divisions separated by sex and current average

3.Change the title for the first bowler division to BOWLERS. Set the average range from 1 to 298 then select all sexes.

4.Change the title for the second bowler division NONE and set the average range from 299 to 300.

5.Using Weekly League Duties > Adjust Team Rosters, ensure all bowlers are assigned to division 1.