Leagues from older programs didn't copy to new

If the leagues did not copy from the installer into the new BLS, it could be due to the following:
  • The league had ended and your are using the File > Open League for Current Season.   Since the league ended, it's not current.  Use the File > Open Any League
  • The league is not listed in the most recently used list of leagues in the File Menu because you've not opened that league in the new program. Use the File > Open Any League feature.
  • The league from the older program was not in the standard location for the older program. In that situation, find out where you were storing your prior league and then use the Copy League Wizard under Maintenance to copy the leagues.
  • You can use the backup / restore league features.  From your BLS-2017, BLS-2016 or BLS-2015(depending on which you used), use the Backup League feature and back up each league to your desktop or to a USB memory drive.  Then from BLS-2018, use the Restore League feature.
  • You can copy the leagues by hand if you have BLS-2015 or newer.  Go to c:\Users\Public\Public Documents\BLS[your version you had before] folder and copy the leagues folder and then paste it in the c:\Users\Public\Public Documents\BLS2018 folder, overwriting the Leagues folder.   As an example, if the leagues didn't copy over from BLS-2017, you would use Windows and go to c:\Users\Public\Public Documents\BLS2017 folder, right-click on the Leagues folder and select COPY, then go to the c:\Users\Public\Public Documents\BLS2018 folder, right-click in the open area of the window and select PASTE.  This will copy the leagues from 2017 to 2018.
We have seen cases where Windows Installer may not copy the leagues or all of the leagues.  We've been unable to replicate a situation and the programming of our installer is such that it is to copy ALL files in the folder.


Based on the above information, if my league secretary is using BLS 2014, the data from that version cannot be updated to a newer version of BLS; i.e., 2015 and newer?
Steve hall (11/20/2017 at 9:48 AM)
Really unhappy with awards don't hold in place, and very sensitive with limited availability to move awards to keep in order when one drops off. Copied to change rule for tournament from points to pins and this year all screwed up and will not short by pins . Book averages 1/3 missing and other came over incorrect. I don't have time to wait for your office to approve the upgrade and unsure if it will help. Using since 2004 and what a fricken mess I had last night.
Vicki Boser (4/14/2018 at 12:59 PM)