Teams missing from season high score awards

1) In the week the team score was bowled, go to Weekly > Process this week > 4: Enter/Correct Current Scores and locate the team in question. Are there enough scores entered? Are there too many scores entered?


2) Do you give team awards? Go to Setup > League > Rules for this League then select the Special Recognition option. Under Recognized Items By League, make sure you have selected the option to award scratch and/or handicap awards for teams.


3) Continue scrolling down the page to the Team Special Recognition section:


Handicap Game and Series Awards

Configure which week to start tracking handicap awards and if teams with zero handicap are eligible.


Absentee or Vacancy bowler on team

Indicate if teams with absentee or vacancy bowler is eligible for these awards.


Substitute bowler on team

Indicate if teams using a substitute bowler is eligible for these awards


Game and Series Award priorities for Individual and Team

Occasionally there are situations where 2 or 3 places are shown on the standings for season team awards and teams are left off.

Typically, what happens is that your league has been set to only award 1 award as the award priority. When this happens with a large league, it is not a problem. But if you have fewer teams then award places, then you will be "missing" teams.


Also check your standing sheet setup. Make sure you have the number of places correct. In larger leagues, this number is generally set to 3 places. In smaller leagues it can be set according to the league rules as to how many places the teams will be recognized.