Installing BLS-2018 On A Mac

The other popular route is to use a virtualization software program on the Mac. With the virtualization software program, you can create a Windows "computer" that Windows based programs can be installed and operated, such as ours. The industry calls these virtual computers "guests" and calls the actual computer, which would be your Mac, the "host".
When you want to run your Mac with your other programs, you run them as you always have. But when you want to run a Windows program, you start the Virtualization program, then using that software, start your Windows "computer".  This will start up Windows from within your Mac computer.  From there, you can install and use Windows based software, such as BLS or BTM without investing in the extra hardware.
There are currently three major products available to create virtualized machines on a Mac. While these tools will create the machines needed, they will still require purchase a Windows license. Please see each product's details.
The Wikipedia has some additional information on what a Virtual Machine is at
There is one product available that physically adds Windows to a Mac computer to create a dual boot computer that you can boot to Windows or Mac and it is by Apple and is called Apple Boot Camp.  It is a free product that is installed with the Mac operating system.
We have a few customers that have used the above solutions and we have also tested the above solutions with our products and have found VMware's Fusion or Apple Boot Camp to provide the best experience running Windows based products on Apple hardware.
There is another style of running Windows programs on a Mac by using a Windows emulation tool, such as Crosstalk or WINE.  Due to the nature of how our products work, these emulation products do not work, nor is tested.  We suggest using the virtualization products mentioned.
As a note, there are tablet size computers that run full versions of Windows, such as Microsoft's Surface Pro or Lenova ThinkPad Tablet 2.