Incorrect tie breaking method used when multiple teams are tie

When two or more teams are tied based on points, the defined tie breaking rule is applied to list the teams on the standing sheet.  

This rule is configure under D) Defining Your League > 1: Rules > Points on the Team Points tab. This setting provides for several different tie breakers; Total pinfall with handicap then actual games games won (not points). This is the most popular rule.

Games won (not points) – This is what it says, games. A game win means that the team won the game, not how many points the team won for the game. Total wood for the series is not considered a game.

These tie breakers are further broken down depending on if the league is handicap or scratch.

When teams are not listed correctly, it is due to this rule being miss-configured.

If the league bylaws state ties are to be broken by total pinfall, ensure this rule is not configured to apply the games won rule first.  


Also ensure the correct pinfall is being applied based on if the league is scratch or handicap.


Be sure to be careful in changing options and non-standard options when the rule may not be fully understood.