Is there a way to transfer a league ID to a different admin?
Question asked by Mark Voaklander - 9/24/2018 at 4:14 PM
We have a league where last year's secretary uploaded standings each week. There is a new secretary who is having the center process the league. Is there a way for the former secretary to transfer the league ID to the center or should we obtain a new league ID?

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Jim Merry Replied
The transfer may be done at League Secretary.
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Mark Voaklander Replied
I'll assume you have done this. Please list the steps you took. Thanks.
Mark, there is a FAQ on LeagueSecretary: https://www.leaguesecretary.com/faq
I would register your account with LS if you haven't already, then e-mail Scott Scriver (scott@nabso.com) with the LeagueID and ask him to assign it to your account. It shouldn't take long to get a reply and have it done for you. Then, in BLS-2019, in the Web Uploads area, enter your information where applicable and that should take care of things.
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Always check, download, and install the most recent update of your software to ensure that issues may have been corrected.
Mark Voaklander Replied
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Through the process of obtaining a new league ID for a different league, I saw the Reassign to Me column.  (The league ID I was inquiring about had already been transferred. )
Bob Johnson Replied
Go to LeagueSecretary.com
Create an Account or Log in to your account
Under "My Leagues" (Top right of the page) click Get A League ID
Select your Location
Select your Center
Scroll down to the leagues that are uploaded
Click the option on the right next to the league you wish to have assigned to you and follow the directions.

Bobby J

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