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Question asked by Jon McGee - 11/10/2017 at 8:46 AM
The Average Booster report shows what series will raise your average by 1 pin from your current average.  Example:  if you currently have a 152.6 average, the report calculates what is needed to raise 1 pin to 153.6.  Shouldn't it show the series needed to go to exactly 153.0?

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I created my own custom Average Booster report in BLS-2018 and compared it to the LeagueSecretary.com upload for the same league and I found the same to be the case. BLS apparently calculates the minimum to raise, say 152.6 to 153.0. LeagueSecretary apparently calculates the identical fraction one pin higher. It appears to be calculated by the website, but I can't say that absolutely.
You do have the ability to include the Average +1 number with your standings sheet, and if you upload that to LeagueSecretary, it will display that without anyone having to access that side report. Now I do know that Scott Scriver (webmaster of the LeagueSecretary site) does periodically look here, and you may get a response from him on this one day.
If you want to include the Average +1 number on your standings and need assistance, please let us know.
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