Generating a Tournament Average Report

It may be desirable to create a Tournament Average Report at the end of the Tournament to track bowlers who have bowled in the tournament. The following steps can be used to accomplish this task:


1. Go to Section I) Reports > 7: Change Bowler Reports Setup.

2. Select any of the "User Defined Reports"

3. Change the 'Report Title' to reflect the type of report (i.e. Tournament Average)

4. Change the "What to Show", "How to Show" and Print Options to further define the report.

5. Click the "Change Style" button.

6. Select an "unused" style (57-69) and change the 'Style Title', again, to reflect the data to be displayed.

7. Click the "To hide this panel so you can change this style..."

8. Under "Data items in current style:", Remove items you do not want to display.

9. Under "Data items available to use:", scroll down the list and Add the various data items you want on the report. We suggest adding 'Book Average', 'Pins and Games' and 'Tournament Average'

10.Click 'Use This'

Your report is now ready to be previewed and printed. From the General Bowler Reports screen, you can even export to a delimited text file (for import into Excel). This may be important to track tournament averages over several years or several tournaments within the same year.