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Question asked by Andrew B Cole - 10/26/2018 at 8:32 AM
I had a new team join the league on the 4th week.  How do I add the new team a redo the scheduled lane assignments?  I will now have an uneven amount of teams so I also need to create a blind team.

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Herb Monroe [CDE Staff] Replied
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I assume that you are using BLS. 
1. Open your league.
2. Select Add Teams from the Utilities menu.
3. The next steps will vary depending on your version of BLS. BLS 2019 asks how many teams that you will want to add, including Byes.
For specific information on how to proceed with your version of BLS, select Program Manual from Help and search for Add Teams. In the BLS-2019 manual, it is on page 227.

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