TBrac 2015 Sweeper Doubles
Idea shared by Jim Mars - August 7, 2014 at 11:56 AM
Under Consideration
Hopefully the new version of TBrac will include the capability to pay out sweeper doubles one game at a time.  Currently, in order to do that, scores have to be cleared after each game.

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At this time we are concentrating our efforts on finishing and releasing the upgrade for BLS-2015.
The next program to be upgraded will be BTM-2015, in Q4.
Plans are to issue an upgrade to TBrac, in Q4, after BLS and BTM are completed. At this time I cannot answer that question as the rewrite has not begun yet, for TBrac.
We have a wish list that we have accumulated, from our program users, and this is already on the wish list. It will be decided at a later date, whether it will be included or not.  
OK thanks, hopefully it will be included.  We run a doubles pot as well as singles pot during our tournaments and it sure would be a lot easier if we did not have to clear scores after each game.
I have now upgrade my BTM to 2015 as soon as it hit he street as well as the BLS and have long awaited the TBRAC 2015.  It sounded like it was going to be close behind the BTM, is there any new updated when that might be released?  Are you looking for beta testers??  Love doing that.

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