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Idea shared by Ann Cummins - May 26, 2014 at 1:10 PM
Ann Cummins, Association Manager
This is more  information, than any thing else.
Your league has to vote on whether they want their league to be a basic or not.  To me, it all depends on what your sanction fees are, Because if a new member joins 2 leagues, or more, then he/she has to pay $10.00 for each league joined.  In that case they may just want to purchase a reg membership.
If you keep it a reg league your association gets more money.

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You may want to check with USBC, but I believe that while the league can choose to be a Basic Membership league (providing that ALL number of sessions bowled are 16 or less, which includes rolloffs), a bowler can choose to be a basic or standard on their own.  So if a bowler already is bowling a standard league, they can bowl the basic.  If a bowler is in the basic, but knows they want to bowl another league (basic or standard), then they should to buy a standard membership.
The only time there isn't a choice, is if the league bowls more than 16 weeks, which then it has no choice to be a standard league and bowlers have no choice but to buy a standard membership.
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Yes Lance you are right.  I was just talking money wise. I sent the news letter, from USBC, to all my Secretaries.  One thing you didn't mention the word "BASIC" has to be in the league's name.
Bob, to bowl a basic league the league has to start after March 1, as Frank stated.  So that would not apply to a winter league.

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