Can't Backup from LeagueSecretary
Question asked by Ann Cummins - April 27, 2014 at 12:46 PM
Bls 2014 Pro
Win XP
SP 3
Mozilla Firefox
I had to reload windows on my computer.  Now I can't seem to get  a back up of the league files and yes I know where I saved them or rather where they were supposed to go, but didn't..
Even tried using IE still didn't work.
Any ideas?

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Were you able to download the file from Leaguesecretary? it will usually put the file in a downloads folder. If you can't find it, when you downloaded the file, it named the zip file your league Search for that and find the file. You will need find that file from BLS and restore it.
Kerry, Yes I know that. 
I have done this many times and had no trouble.
I have searched for the file name, number, etc and it isn't there.  It acts like it never downloaded.
Sent Scott an email and told him I couldn't backup leagues.  Got an answer today and said it was fixed.
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Try contacting Scott at He may have some advice for you.
Also, check to see where your downloads are going to, on your computer. They may not be going into the location that you had them going to, in the past.

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