Multiple 300 Games
Idea shared by Jim Fecher - April 12, 2014 at 3:32 PM
Under Consideration
Have you ever considered putting a number after a person's high 300 game to denote multiple 300 games? We have several bowlers in our Leagues who have bowled multiole 300 games but it only shows the one in the standings. Something like   Jim Fecher 300 (2)
Just a thought.

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This isn't an "Official" answer as to why it's the way it is, but what stands to reason is that a league normally doesn't pay a high game award for each 300 bowled. I don't recall seeing this brought up in the 12 seasons using BLS on the support boards, so I'm guessing that CDE might not have received such a request, at least not since 2002.
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Set up a message box for 300s, then u could put how many next to their name. If they bowl more than 1.

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