Installing On Multiple Computers (EULA)

The end user software license agreement (EULA) states that the license for the software is only for one computer. This is common for the majority of software companies as legal staff place this as protection from software piracy, which is a federal crime.
Our staff is not permitted to give permission that contradicts this agreement.
The focus of the software piracy team at CDE Software is primarily focused on prosecution and criminal reporting to the FBI of individuals or entities that use our products where the individual named on the product registration is not their own, or bowling associations and centers that allow their product license be installed on multiple computers. 
CDE Software does have an option to purchase an 'Additional License(s), for multiple additional computers. The cost of an additional license is $50 per additional license. If you are interested in purchasing an additional license, please call our sales line at 800-767-8927, to process your order.