Installing BLS-2024 at a Vector Plus center

If you are using Brunswick Vector Plus, you can use BLS, BTM or TBrac by doing the following, depending on the server computer used.

VMWare Player based Vector Plus Servers:

Vector Plus replacement servers typically will have a new Windows 2012 or newer physical computer that uses the VMWare Player software running a Windows 2008 Virtual Machine with the Vector Plus Server software installed.

If this is your center configuration, simply install the CDE products outside of the virtual machine and on the host operating system under Windows 2012 or newer.  The software should see the Vector Plus system running on the virtual machine as if it was a real machine and operate as before.

Original Vector Plus Servers:

If you have an original Vector Plus server that is not a VMWare based Vector Plus server, then you will need to do the following to maintain compatibility with the scoring system:

  1. Acquire (or repurpose) a Windows 11 Pro or Windows 10 Pro or newer computer.  This will be called, for purposes of this discussion, the "CDE Computer".
  2. Connect the network cable of the CDE computer to the same physical network that your Brunswick Server is on.
  3. Configure the network TCP/IP address settings on this computer to be appropriate so that the computer is on the same IP network that the Vector Plus server is on. (This is outside the scope of support from CDE).
  4. Configure the network Workgroup with the name Brunswick.
  5. On the CDE computer, create a User Account in Windows with the username of "owner" (without quotes), the password of "owner" (without quotes) and marked as an Administrator.
  6. Log off the CDE computer and log back into Windows using the new Windows owner account created.
  7. Press the WINDOWS key and the R key to bring up the RUN dialog. Enter \\CMSERVER\CM2 and press enter. 
  8. After doing step 6, you should see a window with folders and you should not have been prompted to enter a username and password.  If everything appears to work, you can install CDE products on this machine. You would do all your BLS duties on the BLS computer and the front desk computer will see the leagues to send out to the lanes.  Remember to always log onto this computer using the Owner account created before using CDE products.