Open BTM-2013 > C > Open your tournament >  D) Setup Rules…. > 1: Rules Setup > Events Setup

Click on the Event (i.e. Singles, Doubles, Teams)

Specify if the event is Bowled or Derived by clicking on the rocker switch to select the correct option. (A Derived event is one that is not actually bowled.  Instead, results for this event will be based on another event in the tournament that is bowled.)

Basic Event Setup:

Each event is configured with a name that refers to the event.  By default, this name will be the same as the event being configured.  

To distinguish between different squads for each event, BTM - 2013 provides the option to configure the squad codes to begin with a unique letter which will identify which event the squad is part of.  By default, these codes are designated as follows: S – Singles, D – Doubles, TR – Trios, T – Teams.

1.   Type in the number of Squads in this event

2.   Type in the number of games bowled as number of sets.

Entry Information:

1.   Change the rocker switch if a bowler bowl more than once in this event

2.   Type the number of times a bowler can enter (if allowing more than once.)

3.   Type in the number of how many times an individual can be in the top XXX places.

Additional Entry Information:

1.   If the event is linked to another event, select the event from the drop down menu.

2.   Switch the rocker switch to the correct option for the next two items.

Results Calculated By:

1.   Determine how the Entries in this Event will automatically be entered for Awards.

Repeat the steps above for all the Events in the tournament.

Note: When entering team event setup, use the drop down arrow to select the teams of how many players.