Divisions & Handicaps

BTM - 2013 allows each event in the tournament to be individually configured using divisions and to provide additional handicap rules and to separate the results.

Note: For Handicap Tournaments, it is extremely important that the handicap used for the tournament is correctly configured in this section of the Tournament Rules. Failure to properly configure handicap rules will result erroneous results.

Since most tournaments use the same division breakdown for each event, BTM - 2013 provides an option to configure Individual Divisions & Handicaps that can be used as a template to configure the other events.  BTM - 2013 allows for up to 16 divisions per event.  

Note: For Team and Doubles Events that use "Sum of Individuals" handicapping, configure the Individual Handicap on this screen.

Division Information:G - Girls
? - Wildcard, used for team events when gender is not important.

For example, in a Mixed Adult tournament, the Mixed Doubles would be configured as MW under the Sex column. For Team Mixed events, it is recommended to use a character for each member of the team. For example, in a Mixed Adult tournament, 4 person teams can be configured as follows:


- Men's Division
WWWW - Women's Division

Specify the number of divisions for the tournament and/or each individual event, including All Events.  BTM - 2013 provides an option to automatically configure divisions based on gender by clicking the Make Sex Divisions button.  The divisions will be established based on which genders are configured in the General Rules > Tournament Setup section previously discussed.  If configured for Any Sex (No Limits), BTM - 2013 will configure 4 divisions (Men, Women, Boys and Girls).  For Mixed Adult or Mixed Youth, 2 divisions will be configured and for single gender tournaments, 1 division will be established.

Note: When divisions are determined by Sex, additional divisions for team events (including doubles and trios) will need to be manually created if the tournament has Mixed Events.  When configuring divisions for Mixed Teams, you need to indicate which Sexes would need to be included using the following: 

M - Men
W - Women
B - Boys

MMWW - Mixed team requiring 2 men and 2 women
MW?? - Mixed team requiring at least 1 man and 1 women. Note use of  wildcard.


Alternatively, Adult/Youth Mixed Team divisions would need to be configured using:

A - Adult (Men or Women)
C or Y - Youth (Boy or Girl)
X - Females (Women or Girls)
Y - Males (Men or Boys)
? - Wildcard: Used to configure mixed team events when gender does not matter

For each  event, there will be an option to Copy from Individual. When selected, this configures divisions for the event based on settings configured for Individual Divisions & Handicaps.

Determined By:

Specify how the divisions will be determined by using the toggle switches in this section.  The options are Age, Average and/or Sex.  When using multiple division criteria, ensue that you have sufficient divisions to allow each combination to be setup.

Divisions Assigned:

This section is used to specify how the bowlers and/or teams are assigned to divisions.  Using the toggle switch, this can be done with Manual Assignments or Automatic Assignments. BTM - 2013 will automatically assign divisions based on how they are configured in the lower part of the screen.  Depending on criteria selected in the Determined By section, the minimum and maximum values for age and/or average can be configured.  The third option for assigning divisions has been previously discussed.

 For doubles, trios and team events, individual bowlers on the team can potentially be assigned to different divisions.  As such, additional options for these events are provided depending on how the divisions are determined:

·If divisions are determined by Age, they can be assigned to Use First Bowler's Age or Use Oldest Bowler's Age

·If divisions are determined by Average, they can be assigned to Use Team's Average or Use Highest Bowler's Average

Handicap Information:

This configuration screen is available to all handicap events.  Specify if handicap will be limited and configure how Handicap is determined, per Game or per Series.  In addition, doubles, trios and team events will have an option to calculate handicap based on Team Average or Sum of Individuals.  It is important to understand how handicaps are calculated when these options are selected.  For example, when selecting to calculate handicap on a per Series basis, the HDCP Base average will be multiplied by the number of games for the event and will be displayed by the program as such.