Socket Error or Elevate DB Error #1100

If you receive a socket error or an Elevate DB Error #1100, then the following situations could have occurred:


You may have a network firewall utility running on the computer that is preventing their the MBD application or BLS/BTM application from accessing port 16210.  
If you are unfamiliar with what a Firewall is, then here is a simple example.  Your TV is hooked to a cable box and you want to watch History Channel on channel 123.  Under normal situations, there shouldn't be any problem.  But if the cable box had a Parental Control lock on the channel, you would be unable to view the channel.  This Parental Control Lock is similar to what a firewall is on a computer is, except on a computer, channels are called ports and each port "views" different "shows".
The most common port is 80, which generally is used for browsing the web.  Your browser uses port 80 to view the web and most web servers use port 80 to listen for people wanting to view websites.   Port 25 is a common port used for email servers to listen for people sending emails.  Port 110 is a common port used for email programs to retrieve email from an email server that listens to port 110.
Some firewalls are also more advanced to where they can block programs from accessing the network based on the program and not the port.
The master bowler database server uses port 16210 to listen to and the MBD Manager/BLS/BTM use that port to communicate with the server.  If a "child lock" is on this port, then these programs can not talk with each other.  
Because there are a wide number of firewall products, CDE Software does not maintain a list of instructions on how to use each firewall program to let programs connect to the network, so please consult the manual that came with your computer or firewall software on how to enable CDE programs to access the network / Internet.

Server Not Running

The MBD Server may not be running.  Normally it starts when the computer starts.  So first thing to try is to reboot your computer.  To check if it is running, press the [WINDOWS] key and the [R] key at the same time.  This will open the Run dialog.  Type in SERVICES.MSC and press ok.   Look for a service called CDE software MBD Server and see if the status shows RUNNING.  If it doesn't, right click on this service and select START.


It is important to make sure that the MBD Manager / BLS / BTM application is pointing to the correct computer IP address that the MBD Server is running.  If the MBD Server is on the same computer, then the preferences for the MBD Server Connection should say YES to being based on the machine and the IP address should show  If it is on a different machine, select NO and enter the appropriate IP address that the server is running on.