How To Handle Bowler Bowling On 2 Teams

In certain rare instances, a bowler may bowl a part of a series as a substitute for one team and then finish the series on another team. However, under no circumstances is a bowler allowed to bowl a single game with that score credited to two different teams. A bowler can bowl part of a series on one team and finish it on another.
BLS does not support a bowler being on more than one team in one session of bowling so a
work-around is needed to circumvent this limitation. A special pacer score type (X type score) in BLS can be used to add a score to a bowler's average but not to the team's totals. This score type will be needed.
The following steps describe how to setup the work-around for a bowler bowling on two different teams in a single evening:
1. Add a new dummy bowler one of the two teams. It doesn't matter what the name is, "DUMMY" is suggested.
2. Go to the Main menu >Weekly > Enter/Correct Scores > Score > Overrides
3. Change the dummy bowler's average to equal that of the bowler that is bowling on the 2 different teams. (This way any appropriate and needed handicap is calculated correctly for the bowler.)
4. Input only the scores bowled on that team for the dummy bowler.
5. Put the real bowler on the second team bowled on. For any games NOT bowled on that team that evening, type a letter X into the score field and then the score bowled on the other team. Since the X type score adds the score to the bowler's average he/she will get credit for the game, but it will not add to the team's totals when it shouldn't.
6. Enter all scores bowled on the team as normal scores.