How Do Game And Series Counters Work?

BLS can be used to keep track of up to three game and three series scores for each bowler. 
You can keep track of how many times bowlers bowled over 200, 225 and 250 games and how many 550, 600 and 700 series a bowler rolled. (These number’s numbers can be any game or series score you want to track.)
This information can then be used to print on the Bowler History reports.  This is configured by going to Setup > Rules > Special Recognition, scroll down to the Statistical Information section.
When using a game or series counter, it is important to understand that you must place things in the order of tracking.
For example if you are tracking the number of 230’s, 170’s and 200’s that have been bowled, the counters must be entered as 170, 200, 230. Each score is compared against the first counter. If the score meets or exceeds the score it will increment counter 1 by one. If the score meets or exceeds counter 2, then it will increment that counter instead. The same goes for counter 3.
If you change the counters during the season, you MUST go back to week 1 and then forward to the current week in order to properly calculate the counters.
Note: If you choose to not use one or two counters, then the best situation is to enter a (usually) unattainable score. For example, enter 150,200,300 to only count the 150’s and 200’s. Unless a 300 is bowled, it won’t be counted. Do not use 0’s for the counters.