Forfeit V.S. BYE - Individuals

A vacant bowler is a position on the team that does not have a physical player.
Individual match play points when vacant vs vacant and BLS has several options to choose from in the league rules. 
  1. No points are awarded, they are considered un-earned points
  2. Points go only to the team winning the game
  3. Points go only to absent player’s team
  4. Vacant/Absent players may win and lose points as if they were present
This rule needs to be set according to the league bylaws/rules.
Main Menu >Setup > Rules > Vacant Players > Individual Match Points for Vacants
Choose the correct option to determine how the points are to be awarded.
For more on Vacant Players, go to Help > Program Help > Search. Type in Vacants and select Vacant players, or Help > Program Manual and advance to page 93.