Consolidating Bowlers To Make a Full Team and Reducing the Number of Teams

In the event that a league cannot fill all teams and has partial teams, to consolidate the partial teams to create full playing strength, once the scores are entered for the current week, print the standing sheet. 
  1. Advance to the next week of play. 
  2. Remove the players that are moving to another team, by dropping them from the team. 
  3. Re-order the teams to have the team(s) to be in the bottom of the list. 
  4. Reduce the number of teams. 
  5. The program will adjust the lane schedule for the new number of teams. 
  6. Go back to Adjust Team Rosters and put the players on the teams they are moving to, by using the add button or their ID#. 
  7. Print recaps. 
  8. After they bowl, enter scores.