Bowlers Do Not Show That They Have Handicaps

BLS has a lot of flexibility in its handicap rules to cover as many leagues as possible. There are several rules that are seldom used or are used for non-sanctioned play only.
A rule that is found in some of the "majors" type leagues is the limiting of handicap per player. For example, a men’s majors league will limit handicap to 45 pins in order to insure that higher average players remain on the league and penalize a player/team that has a lower average player.
This rule is configured as the Maximum Handicap per Game and can be found in the non-standard tab of the individual handicap section of the league rules screen.
This rule is normally set to 999 to allow a maximum of 999 pins of handicap, which basically ensures that each bowler will receive the maximum amount of handicap. Occasionally this rule is mistakenly set to zero, thinking that zero means there is no maximum amount of handicap. Setting this rule to zero will actually state that each player will NOT receive ANY handicap.