Bowler Switching Hands

If bowler that switches hands during a regular bowling season, it will be necessary to create a new bowler designating the hand that they are using.

1. Click Setup > Bowlers > Edit Bowler not on a Team
2.     Click the letter of the bowler’s last name
3.     Click Enter a New Name…
4.     Type the bowler’s name, designating which hand at the end of the last name, (i.e. –L or –R). Type the remainder of the personal information.  The program will automatically assign a bowler ID#.
5.     Edit the original bowler’s last name with the correct hand (i.e. –L or –R).
6.     Add the new bowler to the roster position on the team and drop the original bowler to the sub list.
Enter scores for each week that the bowler is using the new hand with this new bowler. If the bowler returns to the previous hand, then simply move the old bowler back and put the new into the sub list.