Asterisks By A Bowlers Name

This is an indication that the bowler is to see the secretary. 
If the secretary needs to see a particular bowler for a specific reason, they can indicate this on the standing sheet. 
To do this there are a couple of places available to have the program create this indication.
  • ­When entering the financials for each player, use the ‘See Me’ button to indicate that a particular player is to see the secretary.This is generally relating to a financial question.
  • In the Score Entry screen, below the ‘X Drop’ button in the Bowler Actions list, is a button with an ‘! **’ button.This is the ‘See Me’ equivalent of the button in the Enter Weekly Fees screen.
Highlighting the bowler first, click on the ‘See Me’ button and 2 asterisks will appear next to the ID number in the Score Entry Screen.  In the Financial Screen, they will appear behind the bowlers’ name.  On the Standing Sheet, the player will have the 2 asterisks in front of their name.
To remove the ‘See Me’ indications, highlight the player and click on the ‘See Me’ button. The asterisks will disappear.
To show this indication on the standing sheet, click Preview and Print Standing Sheet > Print > Change Layout > Layout tab (at the bottom) > Printing Options.  Change the toggle Switch to Yes to indicate bowlers with pending notes.