Unable to upload to websites and Antivirus

Several of the new antivirus programs and internet security programs, have added another layer of protection to guard against malware.  It is a firewall within their program.   
If you receive an error such as a  Socket Error, DNS error or some other connection error when attempting to upload your standings to LeagueSecretary.com, the problem is likely to be caused by the following:
·    An internet security package/firewall program is preventing an outgoing connection from BLS. This is the most common cause and is the reason for about 99% of the contacts made with technical support regarding difficulty in uploading. 
·    To resolve the issue, verify that the antivirus/firewall program is configured to allow the BLS20xx.EXE application full access to the Internet.
Also see Socket Error or other problems when uploading to LeagueSecretary.com in Various Errors.