Reducing an Even Number of Teams

To reduce the number of Team Numbers affected by the reduction of teams, it is strongly recommended that you re-order the teams first, then remove the teams.  For more information on re-ordering teams, please see the We Want to Re-Order the Teams section.

To remove teams by re-ordering the teams first, use the following instructions.

1.Go to Utilities > Teams > Reorder Teams to change the order of the teams so that the two teams being removed are placed in the last position. To accomplish this, replace the teams that are being removed with the last team numbers of teams that will remain with the league.  For example in a 10 team league where Teams 3 and 4 are dropping, you will want to move Team 9 up into Team 3's spot and move Team 3 down to Team 9.  Then you will move Team 10 up to Team 4's spot and move Team 4 down to Team 10. The goal of this step is to minimize the number of teams that must change their team order.

2.Click the green check mark to save your changes.

3.Go to Utilities > Teams > Remove Teams

4.Under Indicate Teams to Remove, select the last team and click Delete Team. Then, select the next to last team and click Delete Team.

5.Click the Do It! button.

6.There will be a confirmation dialog box that appears giving you one last chance to abort the team removal.

7.This is followed by Informational Dialogs that reveals the schedule and lane assignments have been a changed and offer a chance to re-order the teams.

8.Since the team ordering was already performed in Step 1, simply click the Do It! button.

9.Verify Position Rounds and other Schedule Information.