Last Year's Bowlers or Teams Show Up

Several things may cause this problem.

1. You may have inadvertently advanced more than one week beyond where scores have been entered. 

·         When advancing to a new week without scores or any information, the program copies the team rosters for you. If you have previously advanced to this week, the rosters will not change.

2. You restarted this league from last season and did not go to the menu bar > Utilities > Delete Future Weeks Data feature. 

·         By going back to week 1, without restarting the league, you will keep the previous seasons team rosters and lineups.

Other factors may contribute to this problem, but these are the most common scenarios.

To resolve the situation:

1. Return to the last week that scores have been entered.

2. Go to the menu bar > Utilities > Delete Future Weeks Data. This will remove all weeks beyond the current week. 

3. You are now ready to advance to the next week to continue with your weekly duties.