Change BYE Team to Active Team

Change BYE Team - To An Active Team
When changing a BYE Team into an active team with bowlers, it is very important to identify some things. First of all, how many weeks are you into the bowling league’s season? Are you at a point in time where the new team will want to, or be able to, bowl make-up games for the number of weeks already missed? Or, will they just start the league from the league’s current week?
If the new team is going to bowl the make-up games that were missed, then you will want to return to week one, and on doing that, you will be prompted on why you want to return to week one. This is a BLS safety measure; the first option, "I need to make some corrections," will suffice.
Once you are in week 1, you will want to open the rules and click on BYE Teams. Change the BYE system to read "BYE teams will neither receive wins or losses.” That will keep a win-loss record of zero-zero, so when you go to the first week that the replacement team actually bowls, then bowls their makeup scores, and you start entering scores, it will change.
Next, you will go to the weekly tab, click on Adjust Team Rosters, Click on the BYE Team and change the team name in the white box, labeled Team Name. Click on the Word BYE and delete it, then type the new team name.
Your next step is to add bowlers to the new team. If you need assistance on this you can open the manual to page 122.
NOTE: BLS will re-calculate points standings based on the revised rules when you enter make-up scores. This will affect the standings from the first week on, and your league should be notified of this, or they will question the standing sheets, as they may think they are wrong. Teams may or may not be in the same position as they once were, and individual recognition scores may change also.
If the new team is NOT going to bowl the make-up games that were missed You will also want to consider another possible rule change if the new team will not be bowling the make-up games that were missed. Go to the Rules, click on the "Team Points" tab, labeled "Standings are determined by percentage of wins to losses rather than absolute points:" to be set to "Yes".
This will compute the league standings based on percentages of wins/losses, rather than actual number of points won/lost. Before you do this rule change, please verify with your league officers that this is acceptable.