How to social distance with splitting a team across two lanes

1 Team Split Across Pair Social Distancing Option

This option is for centers where the local or state requirements accommodate leagues, but require fewer people within a distance, requiring a maximum of 2 people on a lane. Under this example, teams 1 would bowl on with 2 people from team 1 on 1 and remaining people on team 1 on lane 2, team 2's first 2 people on 3 and remaining on lane 4, etc.
The advantage of this option is that teams can bowl in tradition alternating lanes.
The disadvantage is that center size can be an issue, requiring the league to be split into multiple shifts.
  1. Open BLS-2022
  2. Open the league
  3. From the main menu, click Setup > League > Lane Assignments.
  4. On the right side of the Lane Assignments grid is a tab labeled Social Distancing. Select 1 team split across pair.
  5. With the option to Add Lanes, the league will be spread across all lanes available as needed.   When set to Add Shifts, the league will be split into shifts.
  6. While the lane assignment screen will keep the normal lane numbers used, the automatic scoring export as well as recaps will display the pairings appropriately.