How to Social Distance with Left Team bowling in one shift and Right Team bowling in another shift

Single Lane, Split Shift Social Distancing Option

This option is for centers where the local or state requirements accommodate leagues, but require a dark lane be between each team.  Under this example, teams 1-10 would bowl on 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, but would be split into 2 shifts (Early/Late) where odd teams would bowl, then even teams would bowl.
The advantage of this option is that USBC now has an emergency rule that will allow sanctioned leagues to use this method and BLS-2022 can support this currently and that size of center does not factor in this rule. It also allows all teams, regardless of left or right lane, to bowl on fresh lane conditions.

Configuration Instructions

The following instructions are for configuring BLS-2022 for this rule using the example league mentioned above. Your league may differ, and it is assumed that the league has already been created with the basic rules.
  1. Open BLS-2022
  2. Open the league
  3. From the main menu, click Setup > League > Lane Assignments.
  4. On the right side of the Lane Assignments grid is a tab labeled Social Distancing. Select Single Lane, Split Shift.
  5. While the lane assignment screen will keep the normal lane numbers used, the automatic scoring export as well as recaps will display the pairings appropriately.
  6. If you have Automatic Scoring, follow the remaining options.
  7. Go to Weekly > Prepare > Export to Scoring System
  8. Select the Options tab.
  9. Uncheck Bowl on a Pair of Lanes option, which should then enable only the Bowl all frames on same Lane option.  This gives instructions to the scoring system that lanes are not to alternate between frames or games. Configuration has now been completed.
Each scoring system has their own nuances with how they will handle the export of this league regarding the instructions that indicates to bowl on the same lane and to not alternate between frames and games. Depending of the scoring system, options in the scoring system front desk software may need to be adjusted to which you would need to contact your scoring system manufacturer support team for guidance.