How to social distance assigning teams permanently to a shift

In order to assign teams permanently to a shift, teams can only play against teams in their shift. The program does not currently support permanently assigning teams to a shift, yet let the pairings follow normal pairings and the opponent be on the same or different shift.

  1. Open the league
  2. Go to Setup > League Rules
  3. In the Who We Are tab, scroll down and select YES to League has Team Divisions
  4. Select the Divisions>Team Divisions tab
  5. If doing two shifts, select 2 divisions.
  6. Select NO to separating standings into divisions. 
  7. Also select NO for separating weekly and season highs into divisions.
  8. Change the option for Who assigns teams to divisions to BLS Does It
  9. Select Yes to teams only bowl teams in their division
  10. Set the # of teams bowling in the first shift to be in the first division.  I.E. if a 12 team league where 6 bowl one shift and 6 another, set the # of teams in each division to 6.
  11. Close the rules.
  12. Team #'s 1-6 (using the above example) will be in shift 1 and Teams 7-12 will be in shift two.  If you have to reorder the teams, use the Utilities > Reorder Teams to adjust.
  13. Go to Setup > League > Lane Assignments
  14. Change the # of shifts to 2 and set 6 teams (using example) for first shift and 6 for 2nd shift.