Types of Scores

Entering scores for a player who was present and bowled is done by simply entering the score for each game. there would be no letter prefix for the score. However, scores for absentees, blinds, vacancies, injuries, pacer, and dummy scores must be entered differently.

Letter codes are used in place of scores or as a prefix for a score to indicate that the scores are derived differently. The following score codes are as follows:





Absentee/Blind Score. Used when this player was not present and his absentee or blind score was used. The absentee score is calculated based on the bowler's average and what you put in the league rules. Typically this would be the average less 10 pins.


Vacancy. This is the fixed vacancy score designated in the league rules. Handicap for the individual and team is calculated based on the vacancy score.


Dummy Score. This is the fixed vacancy score designated in the rules section. Handicap is not added to the score or team handicap.


Youth style vacancy. This works exactly like the vacancy score, except you can enter a custom value. Handicap for the individual and team will be based on the score entered.


Pacer Score. Indicates that the score will be recorded on the bowler history, but does not count towards anything else, nor will this score type increment average. This score type does not qualify for awards.


An eXtra Score. Indicates that the score will count towards the bowler’s history and average calculation, but not towards the team scores. This type of score will be a valid qualifying bowler score for the purposes of awards and will count for Individual Match Points if the bowler is in position. If you do not want these scores to be used for Individual Match play, ensure the bowler is moved to a position after the last roster member.


Injury Score. If a bowler cannot complete a game and an injured score was calculated for a game, use this code. Enter the 'I' where the score would normally go.  After entering the "I" code and hitting Enter or Tab, the cursor will move to the next field so the score can be entered. It will count towards the team total but not the bowler's average.


Baker Score: Use this code on any bowler name to enter a score for the Baker game. However, please see the notes for Baker Games below.

Tip: Use an X type score for a "Best 4 of 5" type league. The low bowler for each game will use the eXtra type of score.

Entering Scores for Baker Games: The following guidelines should be used when entering scores for Baker Games:

·Configure the number of games in the Rules to include the Baker games.

·Configure the Legal Lineup rule such that at least 1 bowler must actually bowl. Since only 1 score will be entered for the Baker game, this is required so that the game is not considered forfeit. If a team does not have the required number of bowlers based on the League Bylaws, the games can be over-ridden to reflect the forfeit.

·For HDCP leagues, the handicap used will be based on the bowler used for entering the score. Use the Over-ride option to enter the correct handicap that should be used for the Baker games.

·Baker games entered using the 'K' designation will not be applied to the bowlers record, nor will the scores be tracked for any averages or high score statistics.

For more information on over-rides, please see Overriding Points, Averages and Handicaps. 

The injury code can also be used for an absentee that does not follow rules or when a bowler needs a valid score that does not go towards bowler’s record.

Note: The Injured scores can be configured in the rules to count towards a legal lineup. For more information, see Legal Lineup & Forfeits.