Team Standings do not reflect match points lost when no scores are entered.

When scores are not entered, the team will be typically be forfeiting for that session based on minimum lineup requirements.  In this scenario, team points will automatically be considered Lost and will appear under the Losses column on the Standing Sheet.


However, in an individual match point league, the match points are not reflected on the Standing Sheet when scores are not entered.  As such, in a Match Point league when scores are not entered, the team will appear to have fewer games bowled than the rest of the league.


To workaround this issue, simply mark the individual bowlers as absent.  The team will still forfeit as the minimum lineup has still not been met, but the match point losses will now be considered and printed on the Standing Sheet.


NOTE:  If the absent team makes up the session in later weeks, you must remove the absentee scores prior to entering the make-up scores.