Team Handicaps change mid-series

During score entry, there can be a situation where the team handicap changes mid-series. This can happen because due to the following:

·A player change was made during the series. If you a different player during the series, this will change the team average or combined handicap for the team.

·An average changed for a player on this team. Check to see if a player is just establishing an average or is coming off of using a book average for a specified number of weeks.

·An average changed for a player on the opposite team. When using the "difference between team averages" method of handicap, you must check both teams for an average change during mid-series.

For example -

Going into Week 5 before scores are entered.

[League rules are set for bowlers bowling 3 games to set an average.]

John A - 12 games - 125 avg.

Jane B - 12 games - 145 avg.

Jim C - 12 games - 165 avg.

Jerry D - 2 games - 145 avg.

All bowlers have a normal average going into week 5. However, Jerry D only has 2 games bowled, as he was late and missed his first game of bowling. The 145 average shown is incorrect until he bowls the 3rd game.

After entering in the first game scores for this team, Jerry will now have 3 games. This will change, not only his average to a true 3 game average, but it will now change the team average.

You will need to go back to where Jerry bowled his 2 games and override the average to reflect the 3 game average.