How to enter roll off scores

USBC Rules for the 2021/2022 bowling season dictate that scores bowled in roll-offs, playoffs or special contests need to be included in the calculation for the final average. in a Split Season league, a roll-off at the end of the season between the winners of the splits may already be configured in BLS. However, if there is a tie after the roll-off, or if a tie exists after a position round mid-season, a roll-off is required to determine the final winner. In BLS-2022, this roll-off is handled by adding an additional week, or session to the schedule.

The following procedure describes how to configure an additional week to enter scores for a roll-off so the scores count toward final average:
  1. n the league file, go to the main menu  > Setup > Lane Assignments.
  2. Select the week that was just bowled and requires a Roll-Off
  3. Click the green "Insert a USBC Roll Off after the selected week" button
  4. Exit the Lane Assignment screen
  5. Enter the scores ONLY for the teams in the roll off