How do I fix an incomplete first series?

Occasionally a bowler that is establishing their average is unable to complete their first series, due to tardiness, illness, emergency, etc. When this occurs, this can create confusion for the average shown for the bowler as well as individual and team handicaps changing mid-series.
If this occurs, do the following:
1. The average will show incorrect for a true series for the 1st week of this bowler. Ignore it.
2. Inform the teams involved that the results may change once this bowler completes their series for average.
3. Once the bowler completes the needed game(s) for the series, you will need to manually calculate the average.
4. This average will be applied to the current week the bowler is at as well as the incomplete week.
5. Go back to the incomplete week for the bowler. Go to the override screen and force the average for this bowler’s scores to reflect the calculated average.
6. Go to the current week. You may need to override the bowler’s averages here as well.