Recaps skip lines randomly between bowlers or missing bowlers

If you are experiencing a situation where bowlers are missing from the recap sheets or gaps appear between bowlers randomly, then most likely this is due to setting the rules to return the lineup, when advancing to the next week, to Default Rosters.
Default Rosters are designed to allow a specific roster be saved to be used when advancing to the next week.
As an example:
If each week, you want the roster to always use this roster, no matter what, then you would set the roster in this order in Team Rosters and then click Save Default Roster.
Lets say that in week 3, I want Kerry and John to change places, but just for that week. When advancing to week 3, the order will be John, Mary, Frank and Kerry.  You can then change the order to be Kerry, Mary, Frank and John, but not click Save Default Roster.  When advancing to week 4, the last default roster saved, which was John, Mary, Frank and Kerry will be loaded and set.
Now lets say in week 5, Mary quit the league and Jane replaced her. A decision is made to set the new default roster to John, Jane, Frank and Kerry.  So in Team Rosters, Mary is dropped, Jane is added. The team is reordered to John, Jane, Frank and Kerry.  Since this is going to be the new default order from this point forward, you need to click Save Default Roster after making those adjustments
Problem and Resolution:
Let's look at the last example of week 5.  What would happen if we didn't click Save Default Roster?  Week 5 will be ok, since we added Jane to the roster and removed Mary.  But when we go to week 6, we're going to copy over the default roster, which was last saved as John, Mary, Frank and Kerry.  So we'll bring them over, in that order, however, since Mary is no longer on the team, she will be left off.  When printing the recaps, we will reach Mary and try to print her, but since she's not on the team, it's left blank.
The resolution to this issue is to go to each team, make sure that the roster is how you want it, then click Save Default Roster.

This issue also can commonly occur, when using Default Rosters, after restarting a league and making changes to the teams and rosters, without saving the default rosters for each team.  It's important this is done, when using this feature.