Split Season Mid-Season Start-up with no Backup

If this is a split season league, you must go to the last week of the split, i.e. week 16 (if a 36 week league) and enter all information in that week.  The following week(s) will have to be put in manually.  This allows the program to calculate the 1st split’s wins and losses for the season.  Most leagues and centers will want this.  It also carries forward the player’s averages and games for awards. 


Follow the directions for a Mid-Season Start-up

 NOTE: DO NOT EVER go to any week prior to the week that they entered in the data for the mid-season start up, it will mess up the league standings (team points).  It is best to print the list of leagues and mark the date/week that the mid-season was done.

The best thing you can do for your league, is the back the league up on a Flash Drive or a CD. After you create the Mid-Season startup, BACK IT UP, and if you are ever faced with a problem again, you can restore th league with the backup copy.