Backing up League

Backing up your league to removable media, such as a USB memory key/jump drive or other removable media is highly recommended. Because events, such as hard drive failures or damage, accidental erasure or computer viruses can happen, this can ruin a season’s worth of work and data.
In addition to backing up your leagues, we recommend backing up your System Files (for different style definitions, custom templates, etc.), your Local Awards Files (use if you setup local association awards or bowling center awards)  and common addresses (bowling center, bank, association, etc.)  
These options are only available in the program; Opening Screen > Main Menu > Maintenance
Note:  We do not recommend backing up directly to CDR, CDRW or DVD media.  Please see Unable to Backup to CD or DVD
Typically, when backing up to other removable devices, all the weekly backups can be stored on the same device.  However, if managing multiple leagues, we suggest creating a separate folder for each league.  You may also want to store "milestone" backups to different media (i.e. Week1, After each split, Mid-Season and End-Season)
Finally, if uploading your league to, the most current 2-3 weeks backups will be maintained on that site.  You can download your backup and restore at any time.
To back up a league, do the following:
1. Insert your removable media for backup
2. In the opening screen of the program, click Maintenance. (If your league is already open, click Utilities > Backup This League)
3. Click Backup Leagues.
4. Select the league to backup and click BACKUP (If you league is already open, ignore this step)
5. Click CONTINUE and specify a backup location.
6. In the SAVE IN list, select the location to save the backup and click SAVE.
7. After the backup has finished, remove the other removable media.
Backing up System Files, Local Awards Files and Common Address can be done in similar fashion.  However these backups only need to performed when changes occur in these areas.