Taking a league from a previous secretary and restoring into BLS

Transporting a league between a previous league secretary and new secretary is a very simple process, with a minor amount of care necessary to assure proper handling.
The first thing that is mandatory is that the new previous league secretary must be using the same major version as the new league secretary or no more than 3 major versions back. If the new secretary has an older version than the previous secretary, then the new secretary must upgrade to be compatible.

To go from prior league secretary to new league secretary

Previous League Secretary will do the following :
  1. From within the league, go to UTILITIES > BACKUP LEAGUE and save the backup on a USB Flash Drive.
  2. If emailing the league to the new league secretary, use your Email program and attach the backup file to the email to send to the new league secretary. Otherwise take the flash drive to the new league secretary.

New league secretary would do the following after receiving the backup file.

  1. Backup the league if it already is on their BLS as a precaution. UTILITIES > BACKUP LEAGUE
  2. Delete the league if it already is on their BLS so that data files are not mixed together. UTILITIES > DELETE LEAGUE
  3. Restore League from the previous secretary Backup. UTILITIES > RESTORE LEAGUE
Note: Why delete a league before restoring a backup?  Think of eating dinner at the dinner table and leaving the remaining food and dishes on the table. The next day, you bring your dinner and dishes to the table and you're now mixing todays and yesterdays meals and dishes together, which is not only messy, but could be dangerous to accidently get food poisoning. By deleting the league before restoring the backup, you are essentially cleaning up yesterdays table, wiping it clean and allowing todays meal and dishes to be on the table.