Restoring League from Backup

To restore a league from a backup file, do the following:
  1. Verify that you have the backup you wish to restore available.
  2. Open BLS. 
  3. If a league is open, close the league to access the Maintenance menu.
  4. Select Maintenance > Delete League
  5. Verify that the league does not currently exist. If it does, delete the league in order to not mix up data.
  6. Select Maintenance > Restore League
  7. Select the backup file to restore
  8. The program will restore the league to the default leagues directory, unless the Program Preferences designated a different directory to restore leagues by default.
  9. The league should now be restored.
Note: Why delete a league before restoring a backup?  Think of eating dinner at the dinner table and leaving the remaining food and dishes on the table. The next day, you bring your dinner and dishes to the table and you're now mixing todays and yesterday's meals and dishes together, which is not only messy, but could be dangerous to accidently get food poisoning. By deleting the league before restoring the backup, you are essentially cleaning up yesterday's table, wiping it clean and allowing todays meal and dishes to be on the table.