Moving leagues to different computer

There may be situations where you have need move the software and leagues.
  1. Purchased or acquired a new computer.
  2. The computer your software was on crashed and was rebuilt or restored.
  3. Moving the software and leagues to a different computer.
If the original computer and program are still functioning, the data needs to be backed up to a portable flash drive.
From the original computer:
  1. Start the program and go to Maintenance > Backup League and backup each league, one at a time, to the portable flash drive.  If the program is already open and the league is already open, select File > Close League in order to see the Maintenance menu.
  2. Go to Maintenance > Backup System Files and backup the system files to the portable flash drive.
  3. Go to Maintenance > Backup Local Awards and backup the awards files to the portable flash drive.
If the original computer and program are not functioning, you will need to locate your most recent backup files for the league. If you can not locate your backup files, you will not be able to recover your data and will be required to reenter your data.
On the computer that BLS will be moved to:
  1. Install BLS from the original CD or USB drive or visit out downloads page from our website to download the installer and install the program.
  2. Register BLS with the product registration you received from CDE Software.
  3. Go to Maintenance > Restore League and restore each league, one at a time, from the portable flash drive.
  4. Go to Maintenance > Restore System Files and restore the system tiles from the portable flash drive.
  5. Go to Maintenance > Restore Local Awards and restore the awards from the portable flash drive.


These instructions work well except that only the first 2 weeks of my league got transferred. Since I am unable to get the information from League Secretary (not administrator), how do I transfer all the files to the new computer?
Renee Wiliams (10/18/2021 at 2:13 PM)