Leagues from BLS-2016 that copied to BLS-2022 show vacants for names

We have found a situation where this can happen.  This is caused by not installing critical updates to BLS-2016 that were released two years ago.  To correct, do the following:
  1. In BLS-2022, delete each league having this issue.
  2. Download and install the current BLS-2016 update. (Presently 28.07.05)  We had done several critical updates in BLS-2016 early in the bowling season and you had not installed any updates since those fixes were released.
  3. Open BLS-2016. 
  4. Open, then close EVERY league in the updated BLS-2016 to convert the data.
  5. Close and re-open BLS-2016
  6. From the opening screen, go to Maintenance > BACKUP ALL LEAGUES.  Save this backup file to DESKTOP.
  7. Close BLS-2016
  8. Open BLS-2022
  9. Select Maintenance > Restore League(s)
  10. Select the backup file made in step 6.
  11. Restore to the default directory (don't change this location) by clicking SELECT.
  12. The leagues from BLS-2016 will now be restored in BLS-2022 and bowler names should be ok.