How does a new person take over the secretary duties

If you are taking over a league that was managed by someone else or are a secretary that is transferring the duties to a new secretary, follow the below steps:

  1. Transfer the license to the new person by completing and return the signed license transfer form. Once completed and returned to CDE Software, the new secretary will receive a new registration and the old registration will be voided. 
  2. The prior secretary will back up the league(s) to a USB Flash drive. From within the league, go to UTILITIES > BACKUP LEAGUE and save the backup on a USB Flash Drive.  Repeat for each league being transferred.
  3. The prior secretary will give the new secretary the league backup(s) along with any manuals or materials relating to the software.
  4. The prior secretary will uninstall the software along with prior versions of the software, if installed.
  5. The new secretary will install the software and unlock the software using the NEW registration received after the license transfer has completed.  The prior secretary must not give the new secretary the program registration.
  6. The new secretary will restore the backup for the league(s) by starting the program and going to UTILITIES > RESTORE LEAGUE.  Repeat for each league.