How to split the lane assignments to use 2 different sets of lanes at the same time for a league

Go to the main menu > Setup > Lane Assignments, click on the Show menu and the option box in front of Schedule.  The lane numbers will be in the dark blue above the team pairings. 
To change a lane number, click the odd lane number to change.  A Change Lanes window will open.  In the white text box provided, type the new odd number lane.  The even one will automatically fill in.
Example:  You have 8 teams and they start on lane 5. The program will show lanes 5 through 14. You really want them on lanes 5-8 and 15-18.
Click on the lane number 9 on the top of the grid because you want them to be on lane 15 rather than lane 9.
Change the lane number of lane 9 to 15. Remember to check "For the rest of the season" or it will change them just for one week. The rest of the lanes will then be in numerical order. Note – your lanes must be sequential, going low to high, when doing this.