How to assign multiple teams on a lane

There may be cases, such as a singles or doubles league, where putting more than one team on a lane will be necessary or desired to deal with fewer lanes than teams available.
To change the number of teams per lane:
  1. Open BLS
  2. Open the League
  3. Go to Setup > League > Lane Assignments
  4. Select the Weeks/Shifts tab
  5. Change the number of Teams per Lane from the default of 1 to the desired number.
When assigning multiple teams, BLS follows the USBC schedule, but simply wraps around the schedule to keep the number of teams as equal as possible.  
So for example, if a 12 team league of doubles that would normally start on lane 1 needs to double up, then the number of teams per lane would be set to 2.  Teams that would normally be on lanes 7-12 would be wrapped around to be 1-6. So the same matchups would still occur.

Note: When integrating with the Automatic Scoring system, there may be some systems that do not support multiple teams on a lane.

Note: If you have more teams than what BLS has from USBC for a lane assignment schedule, then you may need to either manually enter a lane assignment schedule or use the random lane assignment function.